Do you remember Jenny and Rob from Básico 1?

Jenny Zielinski is an American journalist who works in the NY office of a magazine called NewYork24seven and Rob Walker is a British journalist who works in London for the same magazine, but who is now in New York for a month.

If you want to remember more about them, ... do activities b) and c) from your book.

Remember from Básico 1 how to check in:


Types of Accommodations:

(also called youth hostel) inexpensive, supervised place to live (especially for youn travelers)

a private home offering accommodation (especially to travellers)

bed and breakfast
overnight accomodation and breakfast
bed and breakfast 01.jpg
bed and breakfast 02.jpg
a small hotel

a building that offers a temporary place to stay for travelers

a place with facilities for vacationers

Basic ecquipment:

Possible problem:
· The coffee is cold.
· I didn't order a salad.
The chair is broken.
The curtain is broken.
hot water
hot water.jpg
There isn't hot water.
I don't have a pillow.
remote control
remote control.jpg
The remote control doesn't work.
The sheets are dirty.
The TV doesn't work.
· The towels are dirty.
· I need an extra towel.
· I don't have a good view.
· I don't have a view to the sea.

Some amenities:
check in

check in.jpg

check out
to pay the bill and depart (especially from a hotel)
check out.jpg

room rates
a tax imposed on the hotel room by a local authority
room rates.jpg

queen-size bed / queen sized bed
larger than a double bed, but smaller than king-size (usually 152cm wide and 203cm long)
queen bed size.jpg

king-size bed / king sized bed
extra large bed (usually 193-198cm wide and 203-213 long)
king size bed.jpg

sitting area
a place or space to sit and rest
sitting area.jpg

connecting room
to link or connect two rooms
connecting room.jpg

a room or place equipped for cooking or preparing food, washing dishes, and the like.
kitchen in the hotel room.jpg


cable TV
a TV with a wire or bundle of wires that conducts electricity
cable TV.jpg

handicapped facilities
something designed, built, or installed to provide a specific convenience or service for
physically disabled people
handicapped facilities.jpg

hot tub
a wooden tub, usually big enough to hold several people, filled with hot water and often equipped with a whirlpool (=water that spins).
hot tub 02.jpg
hot tub.jpg
indoor heated pool
a pool with warm water situated in, or inside the hotel
indoor pool.jpg

outdoor heated pool
a pool with warm water situated out of the hotel
outdoor pool.jpg

a place of business where meals are served.
hotel restaurant.jpg

continental breakfast
a light breakfast served in hotels (usually coffee and rolls)
continental breakfast.jpg

Practise this situation at home:

2Practical English At a Hotel wiki.JPG

From now on, besides the vocabulary, try to include all the verb tenses you have learnt before in the dialogues you practise (look at these examples):
Present Simple
There aren't any towels.
Present Continuous
It's too cold in my room. I'm freezing.

Possible problems or things you may say in your dialogue (they are just ideas, so they are not in order):
Could you help me with my suitcase?
The lift doesn’t work.
Could you tell me the way to the swimming pool?
I’ve lost my key.
Have you got a map?
I’d like to change my room. It’s too noisy.
Could you call me up at seven o’clock
tomorrow morning?
The phone in my room doesn’t work.
Could you call me a taxi to take me to
the airport?
There isn’t any hot water.
Could I have a sandwich for room 207?
A single room with a bath (not a shower), please.
Where is the gym?
There aren’t any towels.
Where’s the lift?
There’s water everywhere.
Where’s the restaurant?
The lights went out.

I need to see a doctor.

The TV doesn’t work.

I spilt some juice on the bed sheets

I can’t open the window.

Remember that you learnt vocabulary food last year in Básico 1 - Unit 9A - FOOD

Good manners.png

Good manners at a hotel (calling reception from your room):
Will you bring me a salad, please?
Would you bring me a salad, please?
Would you please bring me a salad?
Could you (please) bring me a salad?
Could you possibly bring me a salad?
Would you kindly bring me a salad?
Would you mind bringing me a salad?
Would you be so kind as to bring me a salad?

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